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        1. Chatbots Are Dead ... Thanks, Google


          What you'll learn in this webinar

          Chatbots aren’t going anywhere. Instead, they’re going to get better and better as a way to automate the digital self-service experience.

          Just not in the way you might have expected.

          Because the buck stops with Google, who recently announced plans that will impact your strategy around chatbots and digital transformation. To get you up to speed, we're hosting a live 45-minute webinar about Google’s latest advancements, including how this interactive search experience will position Google search as the only chatbot you’ll ever need.

          Understanding Google as an intent-based, AI-driven communication channel that will disrupt chatbot technology

          How Google’s plans will impact the Contact Center and help content

          How Google connects customer journeys between devices and channels

          How to ready your teams to take advantage of this technology

          Meet the speakers

          Tim Passios Headshot

          Tim Passios

          VP of Marketing

          Aaron Rice Headshot

          Aaron Rice


          Who should attend

          Those responsible for customer experience, customer service, and customer support. Digital transformation teams. Marketing leaders responsible for customer journey initiatives

          Live Q&A


          Watch Now

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