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        1. Customer Spotlight

          Quentin Boyer

          Quentin Boyer, Knowledge Base Manager for SmartVault, challenges his team to keep product information and help articles current. He leverages MindTouch content analytics to help inform his team of how clients use help pages and what search terms they are using.

          Boyer is especially focused on optimizing his metadata (tagging structure, relevant search terms, page classifications, etc.) to help customers find the content they need. In the spirit of improving the customer experience, he motivated his organization to move to the latest MindTouch platform to elevate the mobile experience for clients and enhance their engagement.

          Using content analytics data, Boyer and his team have found client pain points that help engineers make data-driven product decisions.

          Fun fact: Quentin Boyer loves to work with his hands, be creative, and solve puzzles. Currently, he is heavily invested in the lapidary arts, which includes shaping and polishing stones, as well as designing unique settings for the stones (like rings, necklaces, and belt buckles). Lap-i-dary arts.

          The Problem SmartVault Faced

          • Decentralized product documentation leading to production inefficiencies
          • Poor search and navigation experience, making it hard for customers and partners to “search and discover” information that will make them more successful with SmartVault products/services
          • Slow documentation workflows that can’t keep pace with release cycles
          • Lack of content analytics, meaning no insights into what’s valuable within documentation
          • High call volume because customers cannot find documentation
          • Inability to scale current solution as their company grows

          What SmartVault Achieved

          • Improved to 98% overall satisfaction with support agents
          • Improved resolution time, with ticketing resolution time going from 7-14 days to one day
          • Improved customer response rate from seven days to three days with automating follow up
          • Increased NPS thanks to the ability to link articles to current customer cases
          • Better reporting to see time on site, click and search path, bounce rate, number of articles viewed